The DENS Community

Building connections, both within our organization and beyond.

We’re Bigger Than the Sum of Our Services

At DENS, community is in our DNA. Though we serve dozens of organizations and our staff is dispersed across multiple client locations, we cultivate a sense of togetherness and connection that lasts.

Our Culture

DENS is a place where people matter — where we treat our clients and each other with respect and integrity, where diverse perspectives are welcomed and embraced, and where everyone’s contributions are valued.

Our Workforce

Our business is guided by our principles of commitment, partnership, excellence, and ethics — values that foster a corporate culture that’s inclusive of all people. We understand that our workforce is enriched by diverse perspectives, experiences, and skillsets. Everyone at DENS is treated with professionalism and respect, regardless of their background.


At DENS, we have a history of giving. Our leadership maintains seats on many boards, our staff participate in industry associations, and we give throughout the year through charity donations, events, and more. Causes we support include: