DENS Bootcamp

Hands-on training in Life Sciences environments.

We’re proud of the bar we set for our employees. Our reputation is built on consistent, quality lab and facility services delivered day in and day out. Mastering DENS’ high service standards takes an investment in time and training that’s unique in the Life Sciences space.

We are the only company that we know of that provides a dedicated, focused training program to employees entering the Life Sciences industry.

DENS Bootcamp

Our intensive two-week training program, DENS Bootcamp, is an engaging combination of in-class, online and on-the-job training that not only prepares employees to service your facility, but immerses them in DENS’ culture, values, and commitment to the community.

A Classroom Like No Other: The Pierce Center for Technical Training

Classroom is a misnomer. At our headquarters in Somerville, Mass., we’ve built a model lab environment so that we can provide hands-on training on the equipment our technicians will be responsible for maintaining once deployed to your facility.

Multi-Channel Training

DENS provides extensive training and orientation, so our employees are prepared to exceed client expectations on day 1. Our Learning and Development Manager has developed a program that includes instructor-led sessions in our model lab at the PCT2, online learning, and field training, where our trainees shadow a team already delivering lab and facility services.

Pierce Center for Technical Training Logo

Our training center is dedicated to Chuck Pierce, the CFO of DENS Partners/DENS Facility Services for over 40 years. We honor Chuck and his commitment to Boston’s business community and to DENS evolution as a premier Life Sciences partner.

Focused on Safety

There are few environments in which safety matters more than a Life Sciences facility. We take safety training and awareness seriously, and all new hires earn key safety certificates, including Lab Safety and RCRA/DOT General Awareness Training for Shipping & Receiving Hazardous Wastes. New hires also earn our New Orientation Certificate, which includes the following trainings:

  • Anti-harassment training
  • New employee safety orientation
  • Bloodborne pathogens
  • Maintenance safety
  • Personal protective equipment
  • Slips/trips/falls
  • Fire safety
  • Lockout/tagout & basic arc flash

Safety training is ongoing at DENS. DENS University hosts continuous learning and development courses, including updates and additions to our safety training.

Creating a Pathway to Discovery

We want our employees to grow and advance in their career while at DENS. Not only do we equip employees with technical skills, but we focus on the soft skills they’ll need to be successful in the long-term. During Bootcamp, they are exposed to the values and customer service characteristics that underpin DENS’ success, and we help them to set their future career goals.

DENS Customer Service

Attitude: Positive, patient, attentive, respectful

Adaptability: Time management, flexibility, adjusting to needs of the client

Product and Company Knowledge: Understanding DENS facility services, client needs, vendors, and services needed at lab/building

Communication: Confident, clear, honest, and frequent professional communication

Starting on a Path to Success at DENS

Beyond teaching customer service, we encourage our students to:

Create a positive network: Find a mentor and connect with clients, co-workers, and supervisors.

Be a willing worker: Do not wait for work, go beyond the job description, work hard, and always keep the job site clean.

Act professionally: Dress for the part, be visible to the client and co-workers, be on time, and finish the day.

Continually improve: Keep up with professional trainings and licensing.