Our Services

Bringing laboratory and facilities management together in a flexible, integrated approach.

We’re All in This Together

Managing Life Sciences facilities requiring state-of-the-art equipment and utilities is a complex undertaking with specialized requirements. Our integrated Life Sciences and laboratory offerings include technicians and specialists from all areas of expertise and a full complement of services to support your growth. We dive in deep to understand your challenges, drawing on our client-side experience and technical knowledge. When you succeed, we feel we have too.

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Facilities Services

From MEP support and maintenance services to facility engineers and management.

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Lab Operations

Onsite personnel to support laboratory equipment and operations.

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Testing and Certification

Testing and certification to ensure safety and compliance of equipment and building systems.

Highly Trained and Certified Staff

Our employees deliver the services you need with unwavering precision and professionalism. All our staff go through a rigorous training bootcamp, where they get the on-site training, certifications, and licenses they need to do their work.

Flexible, Scalable Services

Our integrated model, including a full range of laboratory services, allows us to tailor our offerings to your specific needs. As those needs change, we can adapt our staffing and operational protocols accordingly. We work with organizations of all sizes, frequently moving with them as they grow from startup to series funding to expansion into multi-site campuses.

Rapid Response

Life Sciences and high-tech facilities require immediate response to any laboratory operation or equipment failure emergencies. We provide our clients with live, 24/7 response for all operations-related emergency calls.