Technical Services

High-precision services to ensure that your equipment is performing at its best and meets your safety needs.

Rest Easy, Knowing That Your Equipment Is Safe

We understand the criticality that your equipment and facilities meet all safety and operational standards. We offer a broad range of testing and certification services, administered by trained, certified testing specialists.

What We Offer

Certification Services

  • Biological safety cabinets (NSF-49)
  • Fume hoods (ASHRAE 110) (OSHA)
  • Cleanrooms & laboratories (ISO-14644)
  • Isolator & protecting
  • Barriers (NSF-49)
  • Laminar flow hoods

Validation Services

  • Supply air volumes
  • Exhaust air volumes
  • Room pressures
  • Air changes per hour

Other Services

  • HEPA filter integrity testing
  • Decontamination (laboratories & laboratory hoods)
  • Air flow visualization
  • Laboratory hood repairs
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