Lab Support Operations

Management and maintenance services for a vibrant, productive lab community.

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At DENS, we understand that every organization has critical systems unique to their research or processing operations. We offer a range of expert Life Sciences lab services and will work with you to craft a plan tailored to your needs. Our staff is certified in the lab support functions you may require, including MA, DOT, and IATA.

Lab Operations Services

  • On-site shipping & receiving of packages
  • Managing of essential gasses
  • Monthly eyewash/safety shower & fire extinguisher checks
  • Lab set up & organization
  • Bio waste & chemical management
  • Glass wash & autoclaving
  • Consumables inventory/stocking/ordering
  • Equipment set up & decontamination
  • Optional wastewater readings on week days
  • Light facilities maintenance tasks (hanging miscellaneous items)
  • Included live, 24/7 rapid response coverage (full-time contracts only)

The Devil Is in the Details

Whether you are starting a new laboratory or retrofitting an existing space, the devil really is in the details when it comes to your facilities and lab operations plan:

Lab Factors Infographic

Live, 24/7 Emergency Response

We offer rapid response to all operations-related emergency calls at no additional charge.

DENS Elevates Life Sciences Facility Support

We’ve created five proprietary Technician roles, tailored specifically for Life Sciences’ complex environments:

  • Life Sciences Maintenance Technician – LSMTSM
  • Life Sciences Facility Technician – LSFTSM
  • Life Sciences Facility Engineer – LSFESM
  • Life Sciences Facility Manager – LSFMSM
  • Life Sciences Technician – LSTSM

Lab Support Operations Resources

We’re sharing some of our hard-won Life Sciences knowledge and industry insights.

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