Integrated Facilities Management

IFM provides customers with an efficient and cost-effective solution for any facility challenge.

One Partner to Meet All Your Facility’s Needs

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Facility Management

Facilities management has become infinitely more intricate – driven by advances in IoT and data collection to inform asset and systems maintenance decisions.

Integrated Facilities Management

There are endless configurations of the ideal Integrated Facilities Management (IFM) program. DENS/Flagship’s customizable IFM services will be tailored to your unique requirements and asset types.

Hard Services

Services related to the physical fabric of the building that cannot be removed. These services ensure the safety and welfare of employees. Some of these services include energy and utility management, building engineering, HVAC and boiler maintenance, and plumbing.

  • Building engineering
  • CMMS/work order system maintenance/support
  • HVAC & boiler maintenance
  • Roof & exterior maintenance

Soft Services

Services that make the workplace more pleasant or secure to work in. Certain services may not be compulsory and can be added and removed as necessary. Some of these services include janitorial services, security and monitoring, landscaping, and recycling.

  • Janitorial services
  • Landscaping/grounds
  • Staff augmentation

DENS Elevates Life Sciences Facility Support

We’ve created five proprietary Technician roles, tailored specifically for Life Sciences’ complex environments:

  • Life Sciences Maintenance Technician – LSMTSM
  • Life Sciences Facility Technician – LSFTSM
  • Life Sciences Facility Engineer – LSFESM
  • Life Sciences Facility Manager – LSFMSM
  • Life Sciences Technician – LSTSM

Operations Process Icons

Safe, Cost Effective, Compliant, and Reliable Operations

DENS’ experienced teams work in some of Life Sciences’ most demanding environments across the U.S. and Canada, such as biotech, cleanrooms, GxP facilities, and biopharma companies.

We improve reliability and drive process improvement by delivering real-time, intelligent, and actionable data, simplified reporting, and KPI tracking via our CMMS that ensures facilities meet the highest standards of quality and safety.

What Our Clients Say About
DENS’ Services

“Steve has been a wonderful person to work with at Vor. He has a great work ethic and really cares about maintaining our lab. With all of the supply chain issues, he has helped to streamline our inventory process and follows up on back orders to ensure we are well stocked. Steve has been enthusiastic to learn new processes and regularly trains new DENS hires on everything he has learned. Everyone at Vor knows that Steve is the go-to person to get something fixed efficiently and without complaint.”

Kerry Chios, Sr. Director, Lab Operations
Vor Bio

From Janitorial Services to Staff Augmentation – DENS/Flagship Has You Covered

Have all your facilities operations and services handled under one company that is dedicated to making sure you receive the best experience possible. With DENS/Flagship, you can expect a culturally diverse IFM team that handles all your facility services.

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Self-Performed Services

Janitorial services, roof & exterior maintenance, energy management, CMMS & work orders, conference room support, building engineering, finance support services, stockroom & supply support, mailroom, landscaping & grounds, parking lot services, HVAC/boiler, reception, culinary services, project management, shipping & receiving

Shared Delivery Services

Medical services, security & monitoring, recycling & waste management, life safety systems, data support, tech support

Specialist Provided Services

Elevator maintenance, high-voltage power distribution

The New Era of Facilities Management

DENS/Flagship’s team of trained and vetted general contractors, skilled building engineers, and facility technicians are at your disposal. With over three decades of experience in Integrated Facilities Management, we can handle any challenge. We customize solutions to meet every customer’s unique needs, and we’re available 24/7.

What Is Integrated Facilities Management?

There’s a big difference between Integrated Facilities Management (IFM) and aggregated facilities management. True Integrated Facilities Management is self-performed for maximum cost controlvisibility, and quality assurance.

Integrated Facilities Management Resources

We’re sharing some of our hard-won Life Sciences knowledge and industry insights.

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