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Environment-Conscious Employee Takes Small Step Toward Big Change

Tags: Employee Spotlight, Sustainability

Massachusetts is known for its historical landmarks, impressive architecture and, believe it or not, one of the highest recycling rates in the country! Which is why DENS Lab Operations Coordinator, Cosmo Brown, was surprised to learn the company’s head office location landlord did not have a recycling program in place.

Cosmo-Brown-Recycling-Bins “Having been taught the importance of recycling from a very young age, it is second nature for me to aim for the blue recycling bin when pitching my unwanted papers,” explains Cosmo Brown. “I felt implored to do something about it!”

After taking notice of how many recyclable products were being tossed into the trash, Cosmo finally decided to take matters into his own hands. From just a quick google search, he learned of a local company, (based right here in Somerville, MA, in fact!) called Earthworm — a mission-based nonprofit organization that was founded in 1970.

“Our goal is to lower the hurdles that businesses face when they seek to establish recycling programs for paper, bottles and cans, and office electronics,” claims the Earthworm website. “We are happy to serve small businesses and can accommodate all sizes of office cleanouts.”

After discussing our recycling needs with Earthworm, the program promptly took flight at the beginning of November! We are so proud of Cosmo for taking on this important initiative and hope more tenants in our building will catch on!