John McCabe

Laboratory/Logistics Technician II

John McCabe has been working for DENS Facility Services since 2015. He is currently a Laboratory/Logistics Technician II and has been working on-site for client GINKGO Bioworks for the past two years.

John is a proven self-starter and understands what it takes to do the job well. He consistently goes above and beyond and the value he provides has been especially recognized by the GINKGO team over the past few months.

In fact, our client wrote us saying, “He has been integral in solidifying the international shipping process during his time at GINKGO, none more so than over the past year during the pandemic crisis.”

“John always has a great attitude,” tells DENS Account Director, Interated Life Science Services, Corwin Gaines. “He tackles his job responsibilities with professionalism and integrity and is a helpful resource for his colleagues.”

Congratulations on this well-deserved recognition, John! You make DENS proud to have you on our team and GINKGO a very happy client!