Lab Start Up Checklist

There are several environments and many systems to consider when planning a research or laboratory facility. Part of that planning should include establishing and assigning responsibility for the facility and lab services required to keep your laboratory operating at peak efficiency and safety.

This checklist developed and used by DENS’ teams provides insight into the types of facility and lab services to consider for your facilities and which party is responsible for maintenance, repair, and ongoing support.

Lab Start Up Checklist

There are over 100 individual equipment/service items to consider during your planning. Here is a sample of the systems that DENS reviews when determining facility and lab support requirements.

SystemsEquipment/ServiceSelf performThird party perform
Lab SupportGlass Wash
Media/Buffer prep
Humidification systems
pH Neutralization Systems – MWRA
PlumbingProcess water systems (RODI)
Water filters
Backflow Prevention Devices

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