Michael Maxwell

Manager, Technical Services

An NSF Accredited Certifier, Michael Maxwell joined DENS in 2020 and leads our Biosafety Cabinet (BSC) and Fume Hood Certification Services. A well-practiced Biosafety Cabinet/HEPA Technician experienced in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries; Michael is experienced working on the design of laboratory spaces with a thorough understanding of the mechanical systems in place to properly serve such spaces. Throughout his career, Michael has established himself as a trustworthy and credible technician with clients going so far as to request him by name for specific jobs. Among his responsibilities with DENS, Michael manages contracts with Harvard University, University of Maine, University of Connecticut as well as many more regional academic/clinical clients.

Michael is a US Navy Veteran who enjoys spending time with his family, tinkering on his Jamaican food truck that he runs with friends on weekends and is a huge soccer fan both on and off the pitch – Go Chelsea!