Mike Pereira

Account Director, Laboratory Operations

Mike has been an integral leader in DENS’ lab operations division since 2013. He is largely responsible for growing DENS’ lab business to what it is today. His passion for working in the Life Sciences, positive energy, and enthusiasm make him a perfect match for working with start-up clients. Mike brings a wealth of lab operations experience and a strong understanding of lab equipment, which has proven to be a tremendous asset to DENS’ lab clients. He helps with everything from set up in the early stages to running and growing their operations.

Mike is a genuine people person who never says no. He is solution-oriented and always willing to offer creative problem solving. A plumber by trade with proven business acumen through helping his wife start up her restaurant business, Mike is well suited to deal with a variety of clients and their ever-changing needs.

When not at work, you can find Mike on the slopes or in the glades in the winter, and yelling “fore” from the fairway in the summer.