DENS Facility Services takes great pride in the work we do and the clients we serve. We feel honored to be involved in the life sciences industry. We take the burden of facility management and laboratory servicing off our clients’ plates, helping them to keep their focus on what matters most – the science!

We are known to do whatever it takes to get the job done well and to be flexible partners. In fact, in 2019, we launched our Technical Services division in response to growing client needs. In light of the life sciences boom and as client needs evolve, DENS is at a critical juncture where we are required to improve our infrastructure and processes in order to maintain the service level clients have come to expect from DENS.

Today, it was announced that DENS Facility Services has finalized its partnership with nationally-established facility services group, Flagship Facility Services. Headquartered in Fort Worth, TX, Flagship fully recognizes the unique position DENS holds in the Life Sciences industry, particularly in the Boston/Cambridge market, and the growing need for competent trusted partners. As such, this transaction entitles DENS to remain independent while leveraging Flagship’s infrastructure and experience outside the Massachusetts market.

“In coming together and leveraging our laboratory support expertise coupled with Flagship’s expertise, backing and, scale, we will provide more options for our valued clients,” tells Joshua Philbrook, President, DENS Facility Services. “We are better positioned to grow with our clients as they get bigger which is a valuable piece to many of our clients’ continuity plans.”

The only real noticeable change is we will now be branded as DENS Facility Services – A Flagship Company. Clients can continue to count on our unwavering reputation of delivering service excellence.

DENS Facility Services Logo

“We are also excited about what this partnership represents for our employees,” continues Philbrook. “With the improved infrastructure gained through our partnership with Flagship, we are better poised to help our clients grow which in turn, means greater career opportunities for our employees to realize a richer career path with DENS.”

Please join us as we celebrate today’s exciting news and cheers to all the possibilities this partnership represents!