Soft Services

Services that make the workplace more pleasant or secure to work in.

Janitorial Cleaning and Disinfection Services

DENS/Flagship hires and trains the best people for your site. Our expert life science teams service individual and multi-tenant buildings, cleanrooms, labs, and manufacturing operations. We provide a wide array of janitorial, cleaning, disinfection, and infection control and prevention services that will keep your life science facilities safe and healthy.

Security and Monitoring

DENS/Flagship can help you implement solutions to improve your facility’s safety and give you a substantial security advantage. From video and tracking technology to access controls and environmental sensors, we can help you increase the safety for personnel and preserve the privacy of your business.

Landscaping and Groundskeeping

DENS/Flagship will keep your grounds beautiful and well maintained. But beyond mowing, trimming, and planting, DENS/Flagship teams can also make sure the area is clean and safe, clear away trash, and remove safety or weather-related hazards.

Staff Augmentation

We take staffing to the next level by introducing dedicated brand ambassadors that go above and beyond to ensure your facility stands out. DENS/Flagship provides fully trained in-house staff to cover services including mailroom, shipping and receiving, data and tech support, inventory restocking, space planners, movers, finance, reception, and more.

Life Safety Systems

DENS/Flagship can install, manage, and monitor your life safety systems, including fire protection management and control devices, 24/7. If there is ever an issue, messages or alerts can be instantly sent to as few or as many people that you want.

Recycling and Waste Management

DENS/Flagship’s internal operations experts can help your facility create, manage, and monitor recycling operations and reduce waste. We’ve successfully created recycling processes with the goal of transporting zero plant waste to landfills.

Process Improvement and Sustainable Solutions

DENS/Flagship uses well-developed analytics to provide insight on how your facility can be more efficient and sustainable. Beyond that, we implement programs that include energy reduction, clean energy sources, recycling initiatives, and occupant education.

People, Processes, and Solutions

Our thoroughly trained life science technicians and facility professionals will help your facility run smoothly with the staff, equipment, and technology to improve your buildings’ health and safety. We’ll introduce ongoing process improvement and flexibility to maintain and protect your assets now and into the future.

Pest Control

DENS/Flagship’s trained and certified professionals act as the eyes and ears for your facility. We plan proactive inspections to help you detect and prevent an infestation and help you act quickly if a pest problem is detected. These controls will reduce the risk and severity of pest problems and help protect your assets.

Smart Space Management

DENS/Flagship will help you manage, control, and supervise your facility environment. Our professional teams provide data, analysis, forecasting, and strategizing to make the most out of your space inventory and help reduce operating costs, increase productivity, improve safety, and develop space and operational consistency across multiple locations.

Total Quality Management (TQM) Services

Ensure quality control processes across your operation and long-term success through customer satisfaction. DENS/Flagship will engage members throughout your organization to help improve processes, products, services, and facility culture. We use strategy, data, analytics, and behavior mapping to detect and reduce losses due to wasteful practices.

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